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Free stuff right here.

Music, graphics, video production and components to such projects and experiments, like video games.

Gaming, yes. Lots of stuff to support the production available here.
Youtuber or such, looking for royalty free soundtrack for a video? Check out the music section.

Small teams and single game developers who are in need of the content for their projects will benefit from the output of RWS. Also hobbyists, fellow artists or someone just looking for a wacky ringtone is about to find something interesting right here.

Background soundtracks, sound effects, texture maps for materials, fake or bulk logo designs, sprite components and so on, are made available at very low cost or completely free.


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Different kind of soundtrack related components can be found under this title. Royalty free music – Loop sample sets, songs and such.

Loop sets

A number of looping samples are available for you to download. This material is original and royalty free.


Loop Set 1

A short looping jingle with neutral, mild empowering atmosphere. The packet here includes 4 audio samples:

– example composition
– synth riff
– bass line
– drum track

Loop Set 2

A looping riff with rough inaccurate feel for playing. The packet here includes 5 audio samples:

– example composition
– guitar riff
– Bass line
– drum track
– male choir



Loop Set 3

A kind of punk rock riff, some synth sound thrown in. The packet here includes 5 audio samples:

– example composition
– synth riff
– Bass line
– drum track
– distorted guitar

Loop Set 4

Old school techno-type of a loop, Packet includes 5 audio samples:

– example composition
– synth riff
– Bass line
– drum track
– low synth pad



Loop Set 5

Slow, dragging loop with 6/8 time signature. Packet contains 5 samples:

– example composition
– synth guitar riff
– Bass line
– drum track
– slow strum distorted guitar loop

Loop Set 6

A peaceful loop set. Packet contains 5 samples:

– example composition
– synth guitar riff
– Bass line
– drum track
– synth pad chords



Album type releases. EPs, LPs, Singles.


EP 1: All the Things About Waiting


1: I’m Waiting 10:23
2: Staying Awake 3:50
3: To Find 4:47




EP2: Informal


1: Drift Away 3:11
2: Earthspace Divine 4:10
3: Informal 3:22



 Other releases

Other releases and upcoming material that will be made available on a later date. Items under this title might not become available right here on the RWS site, but on other distribution channels. This will make the content available in easier manner to a wider audience. However, depending on the distribution methed, this might also mean that these products are not free of charge when released. However, all the content found on this site will remain completely free.



Primer Soundtrack Collection 1

A soundtrack package for Unity. Within this collection you will find 6 tracks with different moods for you to choose from, implement the background soundtrack as a primer base for the mood of your game or other audiovisual project.

Each track is also presented with shorter looping renditions of the same theme, making the implementation easier.

The Primer Soundtrack Collection 1 is available at Unity Asset Store.


A preview sample potpourri of the Primer Soundtrack Collection 1.

Texture maps


All of these sets contain 10 tiling texture maps each.
These maps are made available completely free, here in production quality: The resolution is 512×512 with jpg compression or such.
Please click the banners below to download.



txtrbanner_nature3txtrbanner_nature4 txtrbanner_nature5txtrbanner_nature6





All the items that do not fit well on the other sections are put on display here. This content is all free of cost for you to grab.
Please click banners below to download decals of graffitis, stains and designs of fake logos and other miscellaneous components.


Logo Designs

Fake logo desings: For example, when you need to present an artificial environment (like a level in a video game), you can use these non-existent communities and businesses to add a vivid touch to your creation. Or if you just need a placeholder art to your web design or such.
These packs contain the designs in two different formats and respectively two different resolutions to fit in with different specifications.





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